What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need For My Home?

The question When buying a dehumidifier, you must ask yourself, “What size dehumidifier do I need for my home?” arises frequently among dehumidifier buyers since they need to be convinced and tried to reassure that they will be buying the ideal dehumidifier size for their specific space.

Having a dehumidifier at houses is among the perfect way of getting rid of extra moisture thereby controlling humidity levels to a normal level for humans while going to extend the life of furnishings throughout the home.

It could be challenging to find the appropriate dehumidifier for your home, basements, or underground space. There are many dozens of different designs, helps make, and sizes, each to their own distinctive sales points and details.

After the decision to buy a dehumidifier, you should perform research and gain information about the particular type you require to explore the market and select the best option for you.

In this blog post, we will share a few issues concerning the size of dehumidifiers, which will all help enormously when it comes time to choose one of your choices.

What is the Size of a Dehumidifier?

When users speak about the size of a dehumidifier, they generally wouldn’t think its physical size Rather, the size or capability is the number of liters it can extract each day. In exercise, high capacity models are typically significantly bigger as well, but that’s not always the situation.

Dehumidifier Sizing typically refers to capacity, as well as how much humidity the machine can eliminate in 24 hours. It is also defined as pints each day or PPD. There are various models available to varying capacities the most popular being 30, 50, and 70 pints.

However, there seem to be tiny models with a capacity of 20 pints as well as very huge units with a capacity of much more than 100 pints. Moreover, the capability with a dehumidifier will help make decisions about how much room this could cover. A user could indeed rapidly find an appropriate unit if you recognize the dehumidifier’s square footage and also your space.

How to Choose a Dehumidifier?

The right dehumidifier is determined by the number of aspects, such as the floor space of the location and whether or not it will be used in a moist room. Here are several key things to remember when selecting a dehumidifier:

The size of a dehumidifier may not refer towards its weight or height, but rather to how many pints of moisture it can extract from the air in one day. Dehumidifiers that can eliminate as much humidity in one day are usually bigger and require more room whereas smaller ones eliminate less dampness. However, when we speak regarding size, we mean how much work it can do. Some many factors affect the appropriate size for your room:

Room Size vs Room Conditions

The size of the room Excessive energy costs result from dehumidifiers with capacities greater than the size of the room Likewise, dehumidifiers are ineffective when inserted in rooms bigger than their capacity.

Measure the area in which you want to use the dehumidifier. Have used a measuring tape to determine the size of your space in sq ft. Multiply the length and width of a room. A space that is 50 feet long and 30 feet wide, for example, has a total area of 1500 square feet (50 x 30 = 1500).

The quantity of humidity in the space and the overall working surroundings of the dehumidifier can both influence the effectiveness of the setup. At large humidity levels, for example, leakage mostly on walls may be visible. Based on these levels, you can choose a 70-pint dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier Pints vs Room Size

This pertains to the optimum quantity of humidity that a dehumidifier can retain. The greater the space size the greater the number of dampness obtained. This describes why bigger pint dehumidifiers are required in big spaces.

The most popular pint sizes are 30, 40 and 70. We will check out in details below:

30 Pint Dehumidifier

This is the preferred size for places approximately 1500 sq ft, irrespective of how moist space is. Which implies it will be suitable for the majority of housing basements. This is also the size advised for areas up to 2000 sq ft, provided space will be no more than mild moisture; for example, if space begins to feel moist and odors marginally moist since it is very humid outside but not all of the time.

40 or 50 Pint Dehumidifier

This is the preferred size for places up to 2000 sq ft that are continuously humid and stench musty, have visible humidity mostly on walls or have previously handled with mold spores.

60 or 70 Pint Dehumidifier

This size is suggested for places greater than 2000 sq ft.

Recommendation Chart for Dehumidifier

The chart below is going to be needed for sizing a dehumidifier. The statistics are based on all those given by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers in the United States.

Please remember that these figures are only guidelines. As discussed earlier, certain factors such as the type and temperature of the atmosphere reduce the productivity of a dehumidifier.

The top row indicates the size of the space or surroundings to be dehumidified. The first column indicates how much dampness is present in the room.

What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need For My Home

Final Thoughts

A dehumidifier is an excellent machine for removing moisture from the air around you while protecting your garments and electronic devices from moisture damage. It contributes to the creation of a healthy atmosphere for people who suffer from exhaling allergic reactions and problems.

However, having the right size dehumidifier is critical if you want to get the most out of it. Take the previously mentioned factors into account when evaluating the size of the dehumidifier that will be ideal for your living area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Use a 70-Pint Dehumidifier When Only 30 Pints Are Required?

A dehumidifier with a capacity of 70 pint can be used. It will not harm you or space, but it could be annoyingly noisy in tiny rooms. If you have a huge dehumidifier, it will dry the space quicker and save you electricity.

Can a Dehumidifier be too Big?

Conceivably, yes, the reason for this is simple: A bigger dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air more quickly. As a result, you can turn it off sooner, saving electricity

Bigger dehumidifiers, on either side, tend to be extremely louder. As a result, a 70-pint unit for a tiny room may be too noisy to operate while you are present.

How Many Square Feet Does a 70 Pint Dehumidifier Cover?

A 70-pint dehumidifier can handle places ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 sq ft.