How to Decorate a Kitchen Without Windows?

When decorating a kitchen without windows, you may feel limited in your decorating style options. But with a bit of creative thinking, you can create an inviting and functional space. In this blog post, we will show you how to maximize the potential of your kitchen, even if it lacks the natural light that windows bring.

From the clever use of mirrors to the right colors and textures, we will discuss the best ways to make your kitchen look bright and beautiful. With these tips, you’ll have a stylish and inviting kitchen that still feels open and airy, even without windows.

Use Artificial Lighting

How to Decorate a Kitchen Without Windows

Artificial lighting is vital when it comes to making the most of your kitchen without windows. You can use under-cabinet lights and task lighting to brighten up dark spaces, while bright overhead lights help fill a darker area with warmth, energy, and light.

Invest in smart lighting systems that can be programmed for specific times of day or tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and entertaining so that you can easily adjust your lights throughout different situations and carefree moments.

Install Open Shelving on Walls and in Corners

Installing open shelves can be an excellent way to add storage, interest, and light to your space. Open shelving on walls provides visual space and breaks up your kitchen’s monotony.

At the same time, corner shelves utilize nooks that would otherwise go untouched balance form and function when choosing open shelving materials, such as wood or wire. To help reflect light into the room, choose white or reflective surfaces.

When installing open shelving, be sure to pay attention to heights. As a general rule of thumb, shelves should never exceed 18 inches in depth and should be placed at least 12 inches from the ceiling.

We suggest adding some greenery with plants on each frame for a natural look and air-purifying benefits. If you’re looking for something functional but stylish, baskets are a great way to store items while keeping things tidy.

Make sure that what you place on your shelves is reflective and bright enough to help push light around the room.

Keep it Organized

Opt for lunch and meal planning storage solutions to make the most out of your kitchen without windows. Install a caddy on the dinner table, so grocery items don’t clutter up the countertops and cabinets.

With clear jars, you can also organize ingredients according to their uses, such as baking staples or herbs and spices, while showing off neat visuals that don’t need daylight to shine. The goal is to create an organized cook’s paradise in the kitchen.

Utilize wall space as much as possible to hang pans, cooking utensils, and decorative pieces. Keep counters clutter-free and have designated areas for everything to find what you’re looking for quickly. Additionally, use baskets or bins to store food, dishes, and other items away. Finally, cleaning often will help keep the area bright and airy.

Mix in Greenery, Art, or Mirrors for Interest and Dimension

How to Decorate a Kitchen Without Windows

Plants, artwork, and mirror fixtures can add visual interest to kitchens without windows. Mirrors will reflect whatever artificial light you have in the room; if placed just right, they may even provide a glimpse of the outdoors.

Artwork adds personality to a space (think family photos or prints on canvas), while plants provide a soft and natural texture with hints of green.

For a quick and easy touch, place a tall potted plant in the corner of the kitchen; this will draw the eye upward and give the illusion of windows.

Alternatively, you can hang greenery on the walls or invest in a small herb garden to grow indoors.

If your kitchen lacks cabinets with visible cup pulls and handles, you may also cover the wall behind your countertops with pictures or mirrors that enhance visual appeal; this will help define what might otherwise feel like unfinished wall space.

To brighten any windowless kitchen, scatter some inexpensive white rice lights as artificial sunlight throughout shelves and ledges around your room.

Utilize Built-ins for Storage Solutions & Maximum Utility

If your kitchen is windowless, you should create additional storage, and built-ins are the perfect solution. Merging cabinets and shelves into the walls can offer plenty of other spaces without taking up any floor space.

Cabinets on the ceiling or high shelves that go all the way up can also help store items near (and out of sight!) while ensuring nothing is cluttered!

You can also opt for multifunctional built-ins such as a nesting drawer, essentially an item you fold out from a cabinet and maintain upright, holding all the kitchen ingredients quickly.

Additionally, you can hang pegboards on the wall to store pots and other kitchen items while creating aesthetically pleasing ‘art pieces’ that break up the blank space of your windowless kitchen. You can bring life back into your windowless kitchen with some intelligent planning and creativity.

Paint the Walls and Ceiling

How to Decorate a Kitchen Without Windows

Painting the walls and ceiling is a great way to decorate a kitchen without windows. It can add a new look and feel to the space and make it more inviting.

Start by choosing light colors, such as white, cream, beige, or pastel shades, which will help make the room appear brighter. If you feel bold, you could choose a bright accent color, such as yellow or red, to make a statement.

When painting, use semi-gloss paint for the walls and ceiling, so it is easier to clean in the future. Also, consider using a contrasting trim color around the edges of the room to give its definition. Finally, take the time to caulk around any gaps in the wall or ceiling and then prime and paint the trim to ensure it lasts longer.

Consider Reflective Surfaces

When decorating a kitchen without windows, it can be challenging to create the illusion of light and space. One way to overcome this is to use reflective surfaces.

Consider including stainless steel appliances, metallic tiles, glossy countertops, and glass-front cabinets. These materials will help reflect natural and artificial lighting, creating the illusion of more light in the room. In addition, these materials will help create a bright, modern look that can make the room feel larger.

Get Creative with Wallpaper

How to Decorate a Kitchen Without Windows

If you’re looking for a creative way to decorate your kitchen without windows, consider adding wallpaper. Wallpaper could be used to bring in color, texture, and pattern.

Choose a wallpaper that is light in color so it doesn’t absorb too much light from the room. You can also choose a wallpaper with a bold pattern to make a statement in the room. Wallpaper can be applied to the walls, ceiling, backsplash, and even cabinets.

Make sure to use a good quality wallpaper adhesive to ensure your wallpaper stays put. Choose wallpapers with different textures such as fabric, grass cloth, or faux wood for added dimension. With wallpaper, you can easily create an inviting and stylish space in your kitchen without windows.


Decorating a kitchen without windows may feel like a challenge, but with creativity and thoughtfulness, it can be done. Light colors, artificial lighting, mirrors, skylights, reflective surfaces, plants, wallpaper, and organization are all ways to bring brightness and cheer to any windowless kitchen.

Remember to make the most of your space and get creative with its use. With the right elements, your kitchen can be just as beautiful as one with windows.


What can you Put Over a Kitchen Sink with No Windows?

Some solutions to cover a kitchen sink with no windows include installing shelving, hanging a curtain rod above the sink, adding a skylight, or making your window coverings. You can also hang wall art, display plants, add color and texture with rugs, paint the walls and cabinets, or add accessories such as storage jars or a cutting board.

How to Brighten a Kitchen without Windows?

To brighten your dark kitchen without natural light, add artificial lighting such as overhead and wall-mounted fixtures, under cabinet lighting, chandelier or pendant lights, and accent lights. Use reflective materials on surfaces like countertops and backsplashes to create the illusion of more light. Add mirrors to bounce light around the room and refresh the area with paint in lighter hues—such as whites and soft neutrals.

How to Ventilate a Kitchen Without Windows?

Installing a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted exhaust fan is the most efficient way to ventilate a kitchen without windows. The fan should be positioned over the stove or sink and connected to an exterior vent, allowing outdoor air to enter the kitchen. A range hood may also be used for additional ventilation needs. Other options include installing an air exchange system or adding more vents in an open floor plan.

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