9 Creative Ways to Use Windows in a Kitchen Remodel

Explore the art of kitchen remodeling by applying creative ways to use windows. Windows is an important design element in making a small kitchen look spacious.

Many find it challenging to get both natural and luxury vibes. However, achieving the two aspects is not impossible when you follow the right advice and decoration steps.

In this article, you will be exposed to the most brilliant 9 creative ways to use windows ideas to apply to your kitchen remodel.

Whether you’re working on your existing windows or tending to add more, you can still uplift your kitchen’s appearance and satisfy all tastes. Start your journey with us right now and enjoy your dream kitchen design.

1- Wider Is Better

creative ways to use windows in a kitchen remodel
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Saturating the expanse of your kitchen walls with framed pictures or cabinets can make the space look smaller. As one embarks upon the transformative journey of kitchen remodeling, leave more space for extra-large windows. These will not only give more space but also permit natural light to access your kitchen.

Moreover, benefiting from the vertical wall space by using large windows is an intelligent idea to create the illusion of a wider area.

2- Invest In Your Windows Style

creative ways to use windows in a kitchen remodel

Window styles are so eye-catching, especially when many are in your kitchen. Make sure to choose the style that offers outstanding looks as well as more spacing.

One of the most unique ways to introduce windows into a small-spaced kitchen is through bay windows. The main concept of these windows is flanking the larger central sections with smaller windows, which, in turn, creates an illusion of larger space.

However, you can plan and envision the diverse elements put together. If you fail or find it hard to do so, consider consulting professional designers.

Designers nowadays realize how wide and modern kitchens need to be from owners’ perspectives and understand their desires. Communicate to find out the best option for your interior.

3- Integrate Your Windows with Focal Features

creative ways to use windows in a kitchen remodel

Adding focal points to your kitchen remodel, such as a range hood, a wine rack, or an eating nook, makes the design outstanding. Integrating these features with Windows takes the design much further.

However, the construction of custom-designed focal features along with framing windows together creates focal walls.

4- Treat Your Windows

Accessorizing windows with some good treatments creates both a chic and unique appearance. When finding the appropriate ones proves to be a hard task, seek help. Endeavor to consult expert designers to ascertain which window treatments align most with your interior.

creative ways to use windows in a kitchen remodel

Here are some examples of the window treatments you can use to uplift your around-window look:

  • Wooden blinds or shutters: They offer aesthetically pleasing visuals while keeping the area spacious. Select the shades by the color palettes prevalent in your kitchen and enjoy the new warm and chic look of the whole space.
  • Green plants: Adding small plant vases to your window sill enhances your kitchen midair and makes it more alive.
  • Roman curtains or valences.

5- Engage The Outer Natural Beauty

If there’s a beautiful natural view outside your kitchen’s walls, make sure to put windows on those walls. Think of the windows as frames for the view and enjoy the natural scenery while being in the kitchen.

For example, you can build the kitchen sink under these windows so that you don’t feel the time passing while washing dishes or preparing food. Alternatively, you can add a small table with chairs next to the windows to enhance your relaxation times.

The ideas are varied; make sure to choose the ones that boost your comfort.

6- Build a Cabinetry Bridge Across Your Windows

Contemplating the expansion of space during kitchen remodeling is necessary, and implementing such an idea enhances this desire. Building a bridge across the windows not only imparts a smooth look but also conserves more space.

Construct it symmetrically, mirroring the contour of windows, to prevent obstruction of the natural lights and prevent the creation of shadows within the kitchen.

7- Give Your Windows a Good WRAP!

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To elevate your kitchen appearance, you need to get out of the ordinary-look zone. For those who love extraordinary looks! Stop painting your windows with boring white or grey shades. Instead, incorporate pops of colors that will seamlessly change the whole appearance of your kitchen.

For example, you can wrap your windows with a color that’s rarely used in the kitchen and that matches other small elements within the space. This idea gives more enthusiasm and joy to the kitchen’s overall look.

8- Think Out The Box

creative ways to use windows in a kitchen remodel

Kitchens can be quite ordinary when you stick to traditional window spots. However, if your goal is to make your kitchen stand out, seek unexpected styles and locations for windows.

If you have a dull space in your kitchen or a wall that demands a more vibrant touch, adding stylish windows can fulfill this desire.

Also, you can build a window seat within the window itself to save more space and serve as a cozy reading corner.

9- Plan Your Thoughts

Write down the steps you intend to follow throughout your kitchen remodeling journey. Imagine yourself sitting in your future kitchen and then describe with precision the visual image you’d love to create- The more details, the better.

Explore a range of trendy colors, textures, design styles, and models. Also, understand how outdoor light will affect your space, and find ways to take advantage of it.

After finishing everything, consult your favorite designer and discuss the image you’ve already envisioned for your dream kitchen.


Your kitchen is your own space; design it the way you like and let your dream come true. Windows inside the kitchen can be tricky, but once you understand the correct concept of their use, you will make the most of it.

Remember to integrate these ultimate windows ideas within your kitchen remodeling. They will help you achieve your dream image and preserve enough space for everything else.

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