How to Select Curtain Color for Your Home

The color of your window curtains is probably among the most important things to consider. Color is indeed a good place to start cutting your quest as it allows you to recognize several other home decor variables.

With both the appropriate fabric and flavor, they do have the power to directly reshape the aesthetics of a room.

The eyes of certain house walls, with just a little support from the curtain, could become more elegant and sophisticated. And, every time you walk into space, the very first thing you note is indeed the colors that dominate it, and also how much lighting enters the space.

Choosing the color of the curtain can be difficult. Taking the following steps, note down the first questions that come into your mind, or select your favorite pictures.

What’s the first thing people notice when they walk into your home? Is it your front door? Is it your living room furniture? Or maybe it’s the color of your curtains?

Curtain colors can have a big impact on how people view your home, and if you want to leave the right impression, it’s important to choose carefully. This guide can help you select curtain colors that are both easy to live with and will leave a good impression on visitors.

Do you want the curtain to become the central focus and to illustrate the heights of your room? Or do you want the curtain to fit in with your decor?

Now you’ve got the answers and you’ve selected your favorite picture, let’s narrow down your selections.

Choosing Your Curtain Color

Before anything else, it is essential to look more closely also a space where the curtains need to be fitted.

What are the colors of the walls as well as the floor tiles? Is the furnishings vibrant and lively?

A basic rule, so if there is something dominant in the space, the curtains would be better than a soft color.

Now, let’s go to the list of what type of curtain color schemes suit which type of space and what it can enhance:

Red Curtain

How To Select Curtain Color

A red color stimulates thirst, emotional desires, and energy, and makes people extra productive. So, red curtains could be great for your living room or kitchen area and your guest room.

Even so, it is important to understand that the red color may work quite appetizing, as well as that you could overeat or convey too many emotional responses.

Orange Curtain

Orange color makes it much easier to allow changes, helps create a feeling of comfort, and provides light. This color can be decided to hang in rooms, a place where any member of the family gathers together.

Orange is particularly suitable for cooking because the color enhances absorption and gives comfort. However, orange curtains aren’t suggested in the living room because they are too energizing.

Yellow Curtain Color

How To Select Curtain Color

Yellow is a great color for curtains because it’s happy and sunny and can lighten up any room. These yellow curtains also make an excellent accent to darker colors in the room like blue or black. If you’re looking for something more subdued, try off-white, cream, or even natural linen.

If you’d like to make your visitors feel more comfortable and feel welcome to talk, decorate your home interior with yellow curtains for sure.

Green Curtain Color

Consider how bright or dark the room is. Green curtains are perfect for a light-filled space because they help to create a sense of balance in your home.

They also work well in darker rooms because of their calming effect, which helps to offset the low light conditions.

Turquoise Curtain Color

How To Select Curtain Color

Turquoise is a beautiful color that can make any room look more energized. This color will match well with other colors, such as white and yellow.

If you’re looking to add some energy to your home’s interior, consider adding turquoise curtains. The color will brighten up any space and make it feel welcoming.

Blue Curtain Color

How To Select Curtain Color

If you are looking for a soothing color to help you relax, blue is a great option. Blues come in many shades and variations, from light blue to dark navy.

They can be used as the primary color for your curtains or mixed with other colors to provide contrast and depth. Blue is often associated with tranquility and relaxation, so it’s an excellent choice if you want to sleep better.

White Curtain Color

If you want to create a modern, minimalist look, white is a good choice. White curtains have a clean appearance and will go well with any furniture color or flooring.

They also reflect light, so they’re great for rooms with large windows that need extra illumination.

Black Curtain Color

How To Select Curtain Color

There are many different colors that you can select from when deciding on the color of your curtains. One color that is popular is black.

Black curtains are a neutral color and can go with any décor. The darker the curtain, the more it will absorb light which is perfect for a dark room or to darken an otherwise bright room.

Another reason why people like black curtains is that they work well in rooms where there may be natural light during the day. They provide privacy without blocking out all of the light.

Purple & Pink Curtain Color

Pink and purple foster gentleness and emotions of affection. Purple and pink also positively influence romantic relationships, so pink curtains are just right for your bedroom.

Purple is the color curtain that creates a pale pink light, that has a soothing effect. This look suits the colorful elements of the room to keep the house alive. It will also keep you fully awake and invigorated.

Light Brown Curtain Color

Light brown curtains are going to help build a comfortable home. Brown color helps to focus as well, but it needs colorful interior decorations so that the space doesn’t look bland and dull.

6 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Curtain Color

  • Consider the space you are decorating. Is it an ample open space? Or a small intimate room?
  • What colors are on the walls or furniture? The color of the walls should match the color of the curtains. If your walls are light blue, you may want to consider light green curtains for a more harmonious look.
  • How much light is in the room or area where you will hang your curtains?
  • Do you have any children or pets that might be reaching up to touch them often?
  • What’s your budget for new curtains and other decor items for this space?
  • Consider which colors best suit you and your family member’s personality types when choosing a curtain color. For example, if you have children and are considering soft pink curtains, this color may not be right for your daughter who is more competitive and dominant in nature.

Final Thoughts

So now you know a little more about picking out curtain color for your home, and hopefully, you have a better understanding of how to make the perfect decision.

Choosing the right color can make all the difference in what kind of mood your room will evoke and whether or not your family will be able to sleep comfortably.

The last thing you want is to get it wrong, but with these choices and tips, you can feel confident knowing that no matter what you pick, it’ll look great.

There is no wrong decision when choosing the color of the curtains. Try to remember and enjoy the experience and listen to your heart:) Hope this information helps you decide how to select a curtain color.


Should Curtains be Lighter or Darker than Walls?

Lighter colors are usually more popular for curtains because they make the room seem bigger and airier. However, darker colors can make a small room feel cozy. The best way to figure out what color you want your curtains to be is by looking at the colors in your home and considering which colors you like best.

What Color Curtains go with Grey Walls?

Grey walls can be tricky to work with. The best way to make them pop is to have curtains that are a complementary color. It’s important not to get the curtains too close in color because it will wash out the grey and look like you just painted your room white. The best colors for curtains on a grey wall are black, red, yellow, green, or blue. A medium shade of any of these colors will look great.

How do I choose the right curtain color for a small room?

Consider light, neutral shades to create an illusion of space. Avoid heavy patterns; opt for colors like soft blues, creams, or light grays for a visually larger feel in small rooms.

Should I choose curtains before or after painting the walls?

It is generally recommended to choose curtains after painting the walls. This allows you to match or contrast the curtain color with the newly painted walls more effectively.

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