11 Best Outdoor Christmas Lights for Your House in 2023

Are you fantasizing more about the Christmas season? If there were ever a year when we could all need a little more Christmas happiness, this is it. With chances for typical Christmas activities like combined shopping trips, theatre outings, traveling, and even family reunions restricted by the coronavirus epidemic, your house will be the heart of your Christmas celebrations even more than normal.

Because Christmas is quickly approaching, you may have begun the plan of how you will decorate your house. The tree will most likely be your first consideration, however, if you truly want to get into the Christmas spirit, you should also illuminate the outside of your house with the best sets of outdoor Christmas lights you can find for your house.

If you like bright multicolored lights, classic white lights, or the ability to customize the color palette with a Bluetooth-enabled app, we’ve chosen our favorites in each category.

Not to worry, simply follow our guide for choosing the best outdoor Christmas lights for your house, and your Christmas holiday gathering will be well worth the effort and investment.

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1. PREXTEX Christmas Lights

Prextex 100-Count LED Christmas Lights is Ideal for trees and doorways, this 20-foot set boasts durable threads and vivid brightness.

A Prextex 100-Count Christmas Light Set is a popular, low-cost set of outdoor Christmas lights. This string of outdoor lights includes 100 white LED bulbs on a green wire and is approximately 20 feet long, making it ideal for lighting a tree or your main house doorstep.

Furthermore, if you need more lengths, you can link up to 5 of such threads altogether. These Christmas lightings include two flashing bulbs, two replaceable bulbs, and two extra fuses.

It has an 18-inch lead wire and 3-inch end connectors, and reviews say the threads are strong and offer brilliant, bright light. This should be noticed, although, that just a few additional reviews claim they may not last long.


  • Beautiful and bright lights; arrived on time and well-packed
  • Affordable price for a solid deal
  • Suitable for providing extra heat to protect tropical fruit trees in cold weather
  • Vibrant color, customizable pack size for events
  • Easy installation by connecting cords


  • Difficulty in getting the lights to twinkle as described
  • strand did not work for many customers upon arrival

2. SANJICHA String Lights Outdoor/Indoor

Inexpensive and versatile, these charming chord lights offer 8 enticing modes, perfect for outdoor decor and indoor Christmas trees.

These inexpensive and dependable chord lights, offered in nice white, blue, colorful, and warmer white (as shown above), are great for stringing around tree branches, shrubs, and other outdoor gardening items.

Each 66-foot strand contains 200 bulbs, and the white wires give a bit of flair even when the bulbs are turned off. The lights may be programmed to operate in eight various modes, including enticing flashing and rippling fading patterns.

They also work well as inside lights for frosty artificial Christmas trees, while the white cabling may be too noticeable on a live tree.


  • Dual warm white and cool white options for a versatile ambiance
  • Easily manageable, tangle-free design
  • Convenient remote control for on/off and multiple settings
  • Suitable for outdoor use, perfect for balconies or patios


  • Remote control malfunction, no improvement after troubleshooting
  • Failure to reset to the desired mode after turning off
  • Not suitable for continuous use

3.  Lighting EVER 306 LED Lights for Christmas

Lighting EVER Christmas Lights emerge as a delightful choice to illuminate spaces with their whimsical glow. These lights, designed with 306 LEDs in a 10×10 ft arrangement, promise an exceptional sparkle.

These white LED curtain lights offer 8 various light sources and built-in storage, so you won’t have to reprogram it every night.

While not a standard chain lighting style, the pattern of the curtain is pretty versatile and gives a stunning cascade look whether hung on your household’s exterior, above a sliding door, or around the circumference of a small patio.


  • Dazzling brilliance enhancing ambiance
  • Convenient plug-in feature for ease of use
  • Versatility in indoor and outdoor applications
  • Extensive LED layout offering radiant illumination


  • Limited color options
  • May require careful handling due to the delicate structure

4.  Twinkle Star Fairy String Christmas Lights

Twinkle Star 200 LED 66FT Fairy String Lights is a versatile lighting solution for indoor decor, outdoor festivities, or enhancing the ambiance of a wedding or party, these lights offer a multitude of possibilities.

If you like a twinkly aesthetic, the Twinkle Star Fairy String Lights can be the correct option for you. These lights are offered in multiple colors, such as blue, orange, and white, and a pretty Christmassy, multicolored version.

With 200 LED lights spanning 66 ft, there will be plenty of room to illuminate trees, gates, and shrubs. These adaptable lights may be used inside or outdoors and have 8 distinct lighting settings to select from utilizing the built-in buttons. There are three modes to choose from: gradual glow, chasing flashing, and constant on.


  • Brightness and Ambiance
  • Versatility in Usage
  • Durability and Lifespan


  • Potential Issues with Modes or Settings
  • Power Consumption Concerns

5.  OUTYLTS Christmas String Lights

OUTYLTS Christmas String Lights stand as a shining example with an array of captivating features and an impressive design, these lights offer a delightful experience for various occasions.

The OUTYLTS Holiday String Lights are a classic and reliable option for your house. They come in 3 various colors: cold white, conventional white, and multicolor, enabling you to customize your Holiday decoration.

Each strand contains 300 lights that are all IP55 rated, which means they can withstand rainfall and other extreme weather environments and are suitable for both interior and outdoor usage. This 108-foot rope of lights can also be set to 8 other lighting options, including twinkle, slow fading, constant on, and flashing.


  • Illuminate outdoor and indoor spaces
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective
  • Versatile lighting modes
  • Weather-resistant and durable


  • Potential issues with excessive moisture
  • Limited color options

6.  GuoTonG Plug-In LED Rope Lights

GUOTONG 50ft/15m Plug-in LED Rope Lights have gained popularity for their versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. These lights have revolutionized decorative lighting options, offering an array of features that cater to various needs.

GuoTong Socket string lighting set includes a 50-foot large portion with more than 500 glittering and robust LED bulbs, 2 110V 8A wire connectors, and user’s guide, and all the tools needed to structure the lights.

This lighting is fantastic for brightening up your terrace, outdoor area, hallway, entryway, and other areas. They can also be used indoors. The lights are enclosed in an impermeable and robust plastic tube that will not dim or deform in the light or heat.

These string lights are protected from harsh environments because they are made of weather-resistant Polyester. You can utilize them over the year, whether it be the warm days in the summer or the cold days of wintertime.

The tubing is extremely versatile and may be easily bent into a variety of forms. They are ideal for outdoor use because they are dirt and waterproof. The hue of the lights has a slight yellowish tint; if you prefer pure white, consider other options on this list.


  • Waterproof and suitable for outdoor use
  • Versatile decorative possibilities
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective
  • Durable construction for long-term use


  • Requires careful installation and maintenance
  • Length limitations may require multiple purchases for larger areas

7.  MINGER DreamColor LED Strip Light

These LED strips are designed to bring creativity and versatility to interior decoration. With Bluetooth connectivity and segmented control, these lights add a modern touch while enabling users to personalize their spaces effortlessly.

Minger’s LED rope light is among the most colorful string lights on the market and performs well enough in professional situations or in the luxury of your own house.

Every stripe arrives in 16.4-foot portions, and you receive a very versatile strip that you can simply modify to match your chosen region. The very strong LED lights emit a lot of vibrant color from the moment you turn them on till you turn them off, without fluctuating or failing.

As an added benefit, you can program those string lights to play music. You may use a smartphone to synchronize the string lights to songs by downloading an app.

This made them perfect for musical festive decorations during Christmas or Samhain, as well as for nightclubs. With their color-switching capability, you may convert the colors to solid if you choose, and the rope lights have a weatherproof covering that protects them from weather and moisture.


  • Easy installation process
  • Customizable colors and segments
  • Music synchronization feature
  • Versatile applications in various settings
  • User-friendly mobile app for control


  • Compatibility issues with some older devices
  • Limited length for continuous lighting in larger spaces

8.  Brizled Color Changing Christmas Lights

Brizled Color Changing Christmas Lights offer a seamless blend of technology and tradition, these lights have gained immense popularity for their versatility, convenience, and vibrant displays.

The mini-lights are the best of the color scheme field, with 17 single colors, 11 dual-color pairings, and a multi-color choice to add.

The 28-key wireless control may also be utilized to modify the lighting effects options as well as regulate the speed and luminance. Yes, there is a variety of stuff you can do in this glitzy decorative lighting.


  • Energy-efficient LED technology
  • Remote control for easy customization
  • Vibrant and adjustable colors
  • Long lifespan and durability
  • Easy connectivity for multiple sets


  • Higher initial cost compared to traditional lights
  • Potential complexity in setup, especially for first-time users
  • May require careful handling and storage for longevity

9.  KiflyTooin Led Christmas Lights 

KiflyTooin LED Christmas Lights stand out as a brilliant choice for indoor and outdoor decorations. These enchanting lights are equipped with 400 LEDs and offer 8 dazzling modes across 75 drops.

This LED string light is available in 8 vibrant colors, and it has 6 different illumination settings that you may select between to match your requirements.

There will be a little remote provided that allows you to manage the brightness levels, colors, speed, settings, and on/off switch from a distance.

As a result, these string lights are great for Christmas decorating or sprucing up your garden. These are extensible units that can link up to 65 feet of lighting and are versatile sufficient to be used in a bed.

The string lights are all fairly completely waterproof, which can prevent them from scorching or shorting out. Such outdoor light turns with necessary hardware and extra connections to enable setup fast and straightforward.

To limit the danger of shocks, two fuses, and a polarized plug are used. The sturdy PVC casing also shields the rope lights from UV radiation. Lastly, there is a highly efficient customer support team.


  • Energy-efficient, reducing electricity costs
  • Versatile with 8 lighting modes for different occasions
  • Durable and weather-resistant, suitable for outdoor use
  • Easy installation with multiple hanging options
  • Enhances the ambiance for parties, holidays, and weddings


  • May require careful handling due to delicate wiring
  • Limited color options (multicolor only)

10.  Blingstar Icicle Christmas Lights

Blingstar Icicle Lights offer a blend of elegance, versatility, and safety, making them an exceptional choice for embellishing any occasion.

Blingstar LED icicle lights offer a versatile 49.2 ft length, with 8 modes and memory function for effortless customization.

Easily adaptable for holiday decoration, these lights provide warm elegance for indoor and outdoor settings.

Safety is ensured with UL Certification, low power consumption, and premium, waterproof materials. With varying drop lengths and connectable design, they create an enchanting ambiance while prioritizing durability and safety.


  • Versatile 49.2Ft length with connectable design
  • 8 customizable modes with memory function
  • Ideal for holiday decoration, adding warmth and charm
  • UL Certification, low power consumption, and waterproof materials ensure safety and durability


  • The plug is not waterproof, requiring careful placement to avoid water exposure

11.  Amazon Basics LED Christmas String Lights 

Amazon Basics presents the 100 LED Christmas String Lights are a perfect blend of elegance and efficiency, designed to brighten up indoor and outdoor spaces during the holiday season.

Do you prefer white lighting? Then choose the Amazon Basics Commercial Grade Exterior Holiday Rope Lights, which come in both brilliant white and warm “Sparkling wine” tones.

You’ll receive 2 16-foot strands of lights with 100 LED bulbs over each, and also white wire for a smooth aesthetic.

Those commercial-grade Christmas lights are UL- and wet-rated for outdoor usage, and you can link up to 3 strings together for greater visibility.

The strings are heavy-duty and keep cold to the contact, although numerous reviewers mention that the “Sparkling wine” colored lights have a pinkish hue to them.


  • Bright white LED lights create a festive ambiance.
  • Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Weather-resistant and durable construction.
  • Easy and flexible installation process.
  • Energy-efficient, reducing electricity costs.


  • The length may not be sufficient for larger decoration projects.
  • Some users may prefer different color options for varied themes.


After reviewing the options for outdoor Christmas lights for your house, we believe you can confidently choose based on your preferences and needs. These lights are energy-efficient and durable, ensuring value for your money.

Among the options, we recommend the “PREXTEX Christmas Lights” for their quality and suitability.


What Outdoor Christmas Lights Are the Best for your house?

Prextex’s 100-Count Pure Xmas Lighting Collection is the finest outdoor Christmas light. The strand of lights is approximately 20 feet long and is suitable for either inside or outdoor applications.

Are Outdoor Christmas Lights Waterproof?

However, all outside lights are weatherproof. We suggest keeping lights in a dry, cool spot to maintain them in good shape and avoid humidity from getting inside. They will serve you for years with a little TLC and thoroughly dry before storing.LED outdoor wired-in string lights are weatherproof, making them both safe and dependable. They have a wide, translucent, robust plastic tube with long-lasting flexibility. As a result, they are suitable for usage even on wet days.

Can You Leave Outdoor Christmas Lights on All Night?

Christmas tree lighting must not be left on for extended durations of time or at nighttime. Even LED lights can overheat, which, when combined with a dry Xmas tree, can result in a burn. The clock can be adjusted for 4, 6, or 8 hours, or you can program the sensors to switch the lights on in the dark and off in daylight.

What to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights With?

Decorative hooks or gutter hangers. To place rope and wire lighting, use outside decoration clips designed for rope lights to suspend them between several permanent locations. Decoration clips can be used to decorate timber and PVC objects such as doorways, gutters, and grilles.

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