How to Hang Lights on a Metal Roof?

If you’re a metal roof above your home, you might be wondering how to hang your Christmas lights. Metal roofs have grown in popularity in recent years. They can be found hanging on conventional houses, full-frame metal residences, and even commercial buildings with metal roofs.

If you have a standard house (made of bricks and mortar) or a metal home, possessing a metal roof would be different whenever it comes to the holiday season to put lighting on the roof.

Once the winter Christmas season arrives, homeowners having metal roofs don’t have to be worried. Although many outdoor lighting setups are built for standard shingles or guttering, it is feasible to hang Christmas lights on a metal roof if you do your research and find out what fits and what doesn’t.

However, there are a few various approaches you can take to have your lights hanging on a metallic roof and walls.

Christmas Light Clips

You can fasten these to guttering or even to corners which enables the clips to slip below them. Many metal roofs would not enable you to accomplish this, but don’t worry there are specialized clips for metal roofs that will keep your lights in place to give your house look beautiful all season.

There are several clips and tools which could work marvels for you and your home:

Magnetic Clips

How To Hang Lights on a Metal Roof

Decorating is simple when all you need to do to hang your lights is clip a couple of magnets to your roof. Single clips that connect to the back of each light can be used, or hooks can be used to hang them across your metal roof sheets.

They’re durable enough to withstand severe climate conditions yet lightweight enough to be removed once the Christmas season is over.

Using the magnetic clips Simply place a clip on each plug of a Christmas light string made of 18 AWG cables. Select particular clips depending on the insulating quality of your cable. Put the hooks in the appropriate line and hang the string of likes from the hooks.

To ensure that a magnet will have a firm hold on your metal roof, inspect it with a regular household magnet.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks

A powerful, heavy-duty magnetic hook could be used. Those hooks are typically used to hang items all-around the home or garage, but very few individuals are using them to hang Xmas lights.

These hooks have the advantage that they last for longer than plastic Christmas light clips and may be used to hang other types of ornaments during the year.

One potential downside is that the hooks merely grip the cord and do not provide much control. Because the hooks are stronger than the clips, they could hold bulkier objects.

Binder Clips 

How To Hang Lights on a Metal Roof

To hang Christmas lights with binder clips, you’ll need several large boxes of them. Each light will require one to two binder clips.

Simply start at the edge of the roof or anywhere you wish to hang your lighting and clip when you have the clip. The hooks can hold the lights in almost any place that you desire.

Command Strips

How To Hang Lights on a Metal Roof

Outdoor command strips are the next option to consider for your roofing system. It is an excellent choice because they are available in a number of textures, are long-lasting, and are not permanent. If a mistake occurs, command strips are simple to uninstall and reinstall.

Command strips can resist temperatures ranging from -20°F to 125°F, are UV and waterproof, and each strip can handle up to 5 pounds.

Safety Precautions While Installing Lights

Inspect all Outlets and Wires

Before you start decorations, check all lighting strings and lamps for any damages that could create complications. Keep all decor away from overhanging electric lines, and make sure your outside electrical connections are also safe and protected.

These activities have the potential to damage your electrical system, expose your family to harmful electrical currents, or catch fire in your house.

Avoid using Ladders 

You could have an additional pair of hands to support your ladder to help it secure and give you items when you’re on the ladder if you work with a buddy. As an extra advantage, you have someone that can help you if something goes horribly wrong.

Check Weather Conditions

Autumn and winter weather can range from bright, sunny days to ice, heavy gusts, and torrential rains, which can result in catastrophic falls and devastating electrical mishaps. Waiting until the weather is dry and stable could help you do the job quickly and avoid problems.


Don’t let Christmas decorations worry you out. During the holiday season, keep things simple and safe by using easy-to-hang decorations and common sense. With a metal roof, you can work smarter rather than harder! Just because you have a metal roof does not at all mean you can’t decorate your home with Christmas lights.

Consider implementing a few of the ideas mentioned above, and you’ll be able to smile every time you go up to your home, which will be shining brightly for the holiday season. Best of luck with your holiday projects this year, and I hope these tips help. Merry Christmas!


How Do You Hang Lights on Metal?

Use clips or adhesive hooks specifically designed for hanging lights on metal surfaces. Make sure they can hold the weight of the lights and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

How Do You Attach Christmas Lights to a Metal Roof?

A cost-effective way to hang Christmas lights on a metal roof is to use C9 clips that convert them into magnetized lights. Simply attach the lights to the magnet C9 clip and mount it onto the metal roof for a hassle-free installation.

How Do You Attach Lights to a Metal Gazebo?

To attach lights to a metal gazebo, drill small holes in the desired locations and insert anchors before screwing in hooks. Ensure the hooks are facing upwards and can hold the weight of the lights. Hang the rope lights over the hooks once they are securely in place.

Do Magnets Stick to Metal Roofs?

Yes, most metal roofs are magnetic and magnets can stick to them. However, some metals may not be magnetic, so it is best to test with a magnet before assuming it will stick.

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