10 Rules for Creating the Perfect Living Room

Your living room is the most important gathering place in your house. It’s where you entertain guests and relax after work, so it’s important to get this room right if you want to make sure your guests feel comfortable and at home while they’re there.

Creating the perfect living room means that it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional at the same time. This guide lists 10 rules that will help you create the perfect living room, you’ll have all the information you need to get started in just minutes.

Start with a Focal Point

Creating the Perfect Living Room

The first rule of creating a perfect living room is to make sure you have a focal point. This focal point can be an oversized piece of furniture, a fireplace, a TV, a painting on the wall, or anything else that will draw attention to it and make the room feel warm and inviting. If you choose to have more than one focal point in your living room, make sure they work well together and are relatively close to one another.

Have a Balance Between Colors And Textures

Creating the Perfect Living Room

Balance is key when it comes to designing a living room. This means that you need to have a balance between light, warm colors, and dark, cool colors. If you’re going with a lot of dark colors, then make sure there are some lighter ones mixed in. And if you’re going with lots of light colors, then incorporate some darker ones as well.

You should also consider texture because too many soft surfaces can make a room feel cluttered or too masculine, whereas too many hard surfaces can feel cold or unwelcoming. Textures such as velvet or suede will make a room feel warmer while chenille will give it a more contemporary feel.

Create the Right Mood with Lighting

Creating the Perfect Living Room

Lighting plays a large role in how a room feels. The right lighting can make a space feel inviting and serene, while poor lighting can make it feel dark and claustrophobic. Additionally, different kinds of lights create different moods.

Create a cozy atmosphere in your living room with soft lighting. For example, use lamps with dimmer switches to set just the right mood. If you have some antique lamps around, it might be time to bust them out and create some ambiance. Soft lights are good for relaxing, while lamps with yellow shades work well in rooms where you want to focus on reading or working.

Get Inspired by Others

It’s important to get inspiration from others, but it’s also important to remember that every living room is different. It’s always a good idea to look at other rooms by taking inspiration from Pinterest, and magazines to think about how you would like yours to be different. It can be helpful to see what works and doesn’t work in other living rooms, but ultimately you have to make your own decisions when designing yours.

Add Couch

Creating the Perfect Living Room

A couch should be a staple in your living room. You can use it as a place to sit and watch TV, or as extra seating when you have guests over. There are lots of different styles to choose from, but keep in mind that if you have children and/or pets, you may want to select a fabric that is easily cleaned. The size of the couch will also depend on how much space you have available. Make sure your couch fits in with your style and theme before purchasing it.

Add Natural Elements to Balance

Natural elements such as fresh flowers, plants, or an indoor garden are a great way to bring nature into your living room and provide color, texture, and life to a space. These items can be used both creatively and functionally. For example, you can put a beautiful pot of flowers on your coffee table as decoration or use them to create a focal point in the room.

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose Using 3R Rule

One of the rules of creating the perfect living room is to reuse, recycle and repurpose. 3R Rule means that before you buy anything new, ask yourself if there is something in your house you can use instead. Anytime you have an idea for a new room or object in your home, first see if there are things you already own that can be made to work for what you want.

This will save money and help limit waste. If you do find it necessary to buy something new, try buying second-hand items from a thrift store. There is so much more life left in these items because they were cared for by someone else and they’ve been reused instead of thrown away. Reusing is the first step towards reducing clutter; recycling reduces environmental damage, and re-purposing creates beauty with old materials.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

With all of the clutter in your living room, it can be hard to find what you are looking for. So, get rid of anything that you don’t need. The simpler and more minimalistic your living room is, the easier it will be to enjoy it. Another bonus to getting rid of clutter is having a nicer place to sit down. You may be surprised by how much more spacious your living room feels once it’s free from clutter.

Add a Bright Rug

A bright rug can make any living room feel homey and inviting. The best part about rugs is that they are affordable and easy to clean, which makes them perfect for busy families. There are plenty of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from when it comes to rugs, so the possibilities really are endless. For a more elegant look try a runner or rectangular rug with matching drapes on the windows. This will give your space an old-world charm.

Use Latest Tech Gadgets

Creating the Perfect Living Room

Technology is the way of the future, and incorporating technology into your living room is a great way to make it look modern and contemporary. There are a lot of these gadgets out there that can help create a sense of modernity in your space one good example is a smart TV. It will allow you to stream all of your favorite shows, watch movies online, and more.

Another great gadget that we highly recommend for the living room is a digital photo frame with an internet connection so that it will display pictures from Facebook or other social media sites automatically on its screen. These are just two examples among many other possibilities.

These gadgets can help create a seamless experience in your home and will be especially helpful when entertaining guests.


Creating a perfect living room should be fun and straightforward. The key is to start with an idea of what you want the space to look like, then work backward from there.  You deserve the perfect living room. And you know what? It’s totally achievable. Keep these ten rules in mind when designing your perfect living room, and you’ll get there in no time.


What Does the Perfect Living Room Look Like?  

It’s a space where everyone can feel comfortable, create memories, and relax. It can be cozy, well-balanced, and decorative. And it’s one of the most important rooms in your house, so don’t take it lightly.

Does Living Room Furniture Have to Match?

As a general rule of thumb, furniture in your living room should match. It is not necessary to have pieces that are exactly the same but make sure that they share at least two or three qualities such as color, design, or style. It is also important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to matching furniture. If you like mismatched furniture better than matched then go ahead and buy whatever you want.

What Colors are Best for Living Rooms?

Incorporating a variety of colors into your living room can be exciting and give your space a nice, cheery feel. However, don’t go overboard! Too many different shades in one room can make it feel cluttered. Stick to two or three different colors at most to keep it looking cohesive.

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