5 Best Panasonic Bathroom Fans With Light And Humidity Sensors

Do you want to know what are the best Panasonic bathroom fans with light and humidity sensors?

Panasonic is a world-famous company for its high-quality electronic goods, and its exhaust fans are no exception. The right bathroom exhaust fan with illuminating light is a critical part of any shower.

There was nothing better than quiet relaxation to take long showers without any care for the world’s problems, but without the right fan, those refreshing escapes can be potentially hazardous to your health and also to your house.

The bathroom exhaust fan functions to ventilate hot air out from the bathroom and send it out rapidly, normally via the HVAC system.

The humidity that usually builds up in the bathroom provides a perfect atmosphere for microbial spores and mildew, which is harmful not only to health but also to construction materials within the home, such as wood frames or drywalls.

The right exhaust fan in the bathroom eliminates these moisture issues, removing everything including mold and mildew growth to moist mirrors and flaking wallpaper and paint.

While looking for bathroom fans, you’ll explore a wide selection of choices at any price range, from bare-bone models to high-end fans that come with built-in lights, heating systems, and motion sensors.

To understand the ins and outs, go ahead and follow our review guide to navigate the choices, and don’t skip our top picks, below!

Below we’re talking about five of the best Panasonic bathroom fans with a light and humidity sensor.

Why Panasonic Exhaust Fans?

Panasonic is a world-renowned Japanese electronics corporation which had been in existence for over a hundred years.

It was created by Konosuke Matsushita as he designed electrical sockets only with two employees in a small building.

Panasonic is also one of the biggest Japanese television companies in the world, In addition to Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi.  The company currently has a market cap of around USD 24 billion.

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1) Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1 (WhisperSense DC Ventilation Fan with Light)

The Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1 WhisperSense DC Ventilation Fan with LED Light offers a blend of innovation and efficiency in home ventilation systems.

If you would like an additional light fixture in your bathroom but without additional wiring and holes, then the Panasonic WhisperSense bathroom fan with humidity sensor and light is the exhaust fan that makes for you.

It comes with the standard humidity and motion sensor as well as the pick-a-flow CFM switch.


  • It comes with a built-in humidity sensor and motion detection sensor for automatic switching on and off.
  • Additional lighting so that the fan doubles as a light fixture
  • Easy mounting bracket included with Flex-Z.
  • Operates for 4″ or 6″ pipes.


  • It’s more costly than the lower-quality ventilation fan in the bathrooms.
  • Additional wiring is needed for lighting.

2) Panasonic FV-08VQL6 ( Ventilation Fan/Light Combination 80 CFM )

The Panasonic FV-08VQL6 boasts an 80 CFM capacity, effectively circulating air and preventing moisture build-up. Its energy-efficient design ensures optimal functionality without significantly impacting utility bills.

This bathroom’s exhaust fan is power-star quality and comes with a 4-watt night light. The installation process is hassle-free because it has a 4″ or 6″ tube connector.

This exhaust fan is rated as UL damp so that it can be used over a shower or hot tub and this exhaust fan is made from steel.

The exhaust fan has an in-built damper that prevents cold air from entering. Double hanger bar that comes with the exhaust fan, which allows the positioning and installation of a walk in the park.


  • It can efficiently expel moisture and smell from your bathrooms and the entire household in general.
  • Because it is moist-rated, this fan could be used over a shower or a bathtub.
  • Runs gently without any noise, so you can have a relaxing shower.
  • The bathing space stays warm as the fan has a damper that prevents cold air from entering the bathroom.
  • The configuration of this fan is simple due to the detachable vent adapter.
  • It can save energy which ultimately benefits you in the reduction of your electricity bills due to its Energy Star rating.


  • For some buyers, a fan is very costly.
  • The maintenance costs of this ventilation fan are very high.
  • Because the exhaust fan is positioned on the ceiling, it is very hard to clean it.

3) Panasonic FV-11VHL2 (CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan/Heat/Light Combination, White)

Panasonic’s FV-11VHL2 stands out With its multifunctionality combining fan, heater, and lighting features, it offers a comprehensive solution for improved air quality, warmth, and illumination.

FV-11VHL2 from Panasonic is among the best exhaust fans in a bathroom because it is an integrated fan, light, and an embedded heater.

The fan also features two18-watt compact florescent bulbs which provide great overhead light sources for those taking a bath. With a bigger double vacuum blower wheel, a huge volume of air can be easily distributed even at lowered RPMs.

Panasonic FV-11VHL2 has a fully enclosed condenser motor that guarantees a long service life for consistent and continuous operation. This exhaust fan comes with an in-built dampener that prevents cold air from entering. This damper also regulates the organized circulation of air.

It has a solid stainless steel heater component that gives excess heat once it has been activated. The fan’s condenser motor has thermoelectric fuse protection that regulates power overabundance or controls the supply of power mains during a spike.

The heat exchanger has a Nichrome wire with magnesium oxide to effectively transfer heat and electrical insulation. Thus heat/warmth quantities were released.

The Panasonic FV11VHL2 housing is made of galvanized steel with heavy-gauge zinc and is also coated to improve rust-proofing. This fan has a modern bonnet design.


  • It is not noisy because it works silently, due to its dual vacuum exhaust wheel.
  • Panasonic Whisper warm wall-mounted fan is capable of providing a fast warm-up time due to its warming feature.
  • The bathing place is warm because the exhaust fan does not allow cold air to enter.
  • The installation of this fan is a walk in the park owing to its broad mounting openings and many of the elements are built-in and hence restricted detachable.
  • Panasonic FV-11HL2 Whisper Warm ceiling fans fan does have a long life expectancy due to the built-in condenser motor.
  • This exhaust fan doesn’t produce unnecessary heat because it has a cool running motor.


  • The exhaust fan is not simple to clean since it is placed on the ceilings and, if no procedures are followed, the components may be tampered with and thus harmed.
  • if it is not effectively managed, it can become damaged and it is very costly to fix or even replace it.

4) Panasonic FV-11VQL6 ( Ventilation Fan/Light Combination 110 CFM)

The Panasonic FV-11VQL6 boasts a powerful 110 CFM, efficiently expelling air from enclosed spaces. It integrates a lighting system that provides illumination while serving as a ventilation source.

This fan is capable of providing light at night because it has 4 watts of night light built-in. As an energy-rated 32-watt fluorescent lamp, Panasonic FV-11VQL6 is capable of providing extra overhead lights at night with much less energy usage.

It’s simple to install because it arrives with a 4″ and 6″ dual removable adapter. The fan is robust since it is crafted of corrosion-galvanized steel.

This exhaust fan is assured of a long life because it has a well-enclosed condenser motor that cannot be harmed by water. Panasonic FV-11VQL6 arrives with a built-in damper that dims the air from outside into the ventilation fan.


  • This bathroom exhaust fan has a rising air motion capability of 110 CFM which makes sure that far more air is transferred so that the dirty air is removed more quickly.
  • As it comes with lamps, the bathroom can be used conveniently, even if the main electric power is switched off.
  • The fan implies that the excess heat of the bathroom is maintained because it does not permit cold air to enter it.
  • This fan does not cause any disturbances as it is only able to operate softly at 0.5 sones (noise).
  • The configuration of this exhaust fan is a stroll in the park due to the dual detachable tubing connectors it comes with.
  • With an energy-rated fluorescent lamp, the fan can use less power to reduce the cost of electricity.


  • If not well controlled, this fan could become defective and it is quite costly to fix or even replace it.
  • this exhaust fan could only function whenever there’s electricity.
  • It is hard to clean the exhaust fan as it is on the roof.

5) Panasonic FV-15VQL6 ( WhisperLite Bathroom Ventilation Fan with Light)

The Panasonic FV-15VQL6 Bathroom Ventilation Fan with Light 150 CFM proves to be an indispensable addition to any household, offering unparalleled performance, efficiency, and versatility in maintaining a healthy bathroom environment.

The impressive exhaust fan in the bathroom has a night light and the fan can transfer air softly with a bladder blade in the form of a double dolphin.

The fan assures you a lengthy, trouble-free operation because it has top-quality elements and a regularly lubricated motor.

It arrives with a fan of Energy Star Rated ventilation. Along with a steamer, it stops cold air from going in. With 6″ duct detachable adapters, it’s easy to mount. Comes with built-in thermal fuse safety.


  • The exhaust fan is corrosion-proof because it is made of galvanized steel.
  • You can work quietly without disrupting your home.
  • It can be efficiently used at night when there is not any light.
  • An airflow capacity of 150 CFM helps this exhaust supplier to transfer air more quickly.
  • Lowers the bill of power because it is star ratings for the energy.
  • The bathroom’s warmth is maintained so cold air cannot be reached.
  • This ventilator lasts longer because it does not quickly manipulate the condenser motor.


  • Cleaning and maintenance of that kind of exhaust fan are complicated since it is mounted on the ceiling.
  • Not everybody can buy this exhaust fan.

Our Verdict

My overall top pick for the best Panasonic bathroom fan with light and humidity sensor goes to the WhisperSense With Light. Here’s why…

Top Features

  • Dual Sensors: Not only does it come with an outstanding humidity sensor, but it also has a motion detector, so you have several choices for automatically turning on and off your bathroom fan as you would like.
  • Pick Your Fan Speed: The WhisperSense (with all my choices) arrives with Panasonic’s SmartFlow technology. It implies you just push a button, either 50, 80, or 110 CFM, and choose the speed of the fan.
  • High-Quality Motor: The fan has a premium ECM motor, so it works very quietly (less than 0.3 sones) and can last for a long period. To fit your ideal CFM fan speed, this intelligent motor will adapt automatically to odd vent duct runs.
  • Delay Timer: You can set a 30-second to 1-hour delay period mostly on top of the moisture sensor and motion sensor to more power when your fan starts.


A bathroom exhaust fan with a light and humidity sensor is certainly a good investment for any bathroom, regardless of the size of the room. Because that’s the one room that needs an additional method of ventilation and one which would not only work by simply opening a window in the expectation that the air will all vanish!

Nowadays, as we are sure that these updated models have shown you, such fans are surprisingly quieter in service with many almost silent.

So you’re not even going to know that they’re on what you’re going to see is a drastic change in the improved air quality of such a room, with better overall health as well as a cleaner, smoother and stunning bathroom as a result!

In the end, the most essential thing is to have a healthy and protected home, and now you’re better equipped to go out and find the right exhaust fan that meets your needs.

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