How To Clean A Garbage Disposal With Baking Soda

Garbage disposal is a valuable and convenient tool in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect it. If you don’t clean your garbage disposal regularly, it can get clogged with food particles, which can cause it to malfunction and even break down entirely. Garbage disposal is a mechanical device designed to shred food waste into small particles that are easily flushed away with water. Garbage disposals help you avoid throwing away things like lemon peels and eggshells, which can cause clogs in your sink or drain if you throw them down the garbage disposal. Here is how to clean garbage disposal with baking soda for fresher-smelling kitchen odor.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning With Baking Soda – Tips & Tricks

Fortunately, it’s easy to clean your garbage disposal with simple items already in your home like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon peels, so your garbage disposal will last longer and function more efficiently. Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Preparation

How To Clean A Garbage Disposal With Baking Soda

Before you begin cleaning your garbage disposal, it is a good idea to empty it. You can also wrap some ice cubes in a paper towel and place them at your disposal if there are some scraps that you don’t want to clean out just yet. This will keep any odor at bay until you’re ready to dispose of them properly.

Note: If you don’t already know, most garbage disposals have an on/off switch. Be sure to turn it off before starting on anything else, or you could end up shocking yourself that would not be fun. Now is also a good time to unplug it so you can move it around easily when cleaning and inspecting later on.

Step 2 – Give it a little shake

The first thing you’ll want to do is give your disposal a little shake (use pliers, if necessary) to make sure there aren’t any bits of food stuck in there. If your garbage disposal is jammed with food, it won’t turn on properly and you may end up causing more damage. Call an expert in case it does not spin, either disconnected or broken. Don’t want to put down cash for a new one.

Step 3 – Add a baking soda

How To Clean A Garbage Disposal With Baking Soda

Take about half a cup of baking soda and pour it down your garbage disposal, followed by enough cold water to cover it all. The baking soda will help to neutralize odors and soften any food scraps that have built up at your disposal, making it easier to clean.

Step 4 – Wait 15 minutes

Once you pour baking soda down your garbage disposal, give it a few minutes to sit and bubble away. The baking soda will start to foam up as it reacts with water. This is a sign that it’s working, so take note of how long it takes for your machine to produce a decent number of bubbles. If it doesn’t seem like enough time has passed, run hot water down your drain while giving your disposal an occasional whirl with a wooden spoon or tongs. If there are still no bubbles after 15 minutes, add more baking soda and try again in another 15 minutes.

Step 5 – Flush Out The Debris

How To Clean A Garbage Disposal With Baking Soda

At last, you are ready to flush out all of your garbage disposal cleaning items and other debris from inside your garbage disposal. It is very important that you empty out your garbage disposal at least once a month to keep it running smoothly. You will want to turn on your faucet and make sure that it’s on its hottest setting so any excess water will flush down our drain. This is the only way to make sure everything is clean out before leaving your kitchen sink.


An unsightly garbage disposal can not only be an embarrassment, but also a hazard to your health. Save yourself time and effort with these simple steps to cleaning your garbage disposal. Not only will it run more smoothly, but you’ll also reduce your risk of getting sick from germs that can build up in dirty disposal.

What do you think? Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know in a comment below If these tips worked for you!


Is it OK to put Baking Soda and Vinegar in Garbage Disposal?

Yes, It is safe to put baking soda and vinegar. The chemical reaction between these two household staples creates heat and foam which will blast through any mini scrubbers on food waste inside your garbage disposal.

How Often Should you Clean your Garbage Disposal?

It depends on several factors. But as a general rule of thumb, you should clean your garbage disposal after 2-4 weeks (or once per month).

Is it Safe to put Bleach in a Garbage Disposal?

Putting bleach in a garbage disposal isn’t something you should do. Put simply, bleach can damage your sink and ruin your garbage disposal. Even if you mix bleach with water first, it can still damage both. The best way to clean garbage disposal is to use ice cubes or baking soda and vinegar.

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