10 Best Paint for Laminate Countertops

Are you tired of your old and outdated kitchen countertops but can’t afford a costly renovation? Painting laminate countertops is a cost-effective solution for those who want to give their kitchen a fresh new look without spending a lot of money.

Laminate countertops are a popular choice because they are affordable, but they can become outdated over time.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars to replace them, painting the countertops is a budget-friendly alternative. In addition to saving money, painting laminate countertops also allows for a greater degree of customization, as there are a variety of colors and finishes available.

This can transform the look of your kitchen and give it a new lease of life. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of paint available for laminate countertops and provide a detailed review of the 10 best paints for this purpose.

Why Paint Laminate Countertops?

Painting laminate countertops is a cost-effective way to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money. It offers a wide range of color options to suit any kitchen style, from modern to bold and colorful.

Compared to replacing your countertops, painting them is significantly cheaper, with a can of paint typically costing less than $50.

However, proper surface preparation is essential for a professional-looking finish. This involves cleaning the countertops thoroughly, sanding them to create a rough surface for the paint to adhere to, and using a primer for even coverage and adhesion.

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1. Giani Granite Countertop Paint Kit Acrylic in White Diamond

Transform your kitchen countertops with ease using the Giani Granite Countertop Paint Kit 2.0 in White Diamond. This innovative kit includes everything you need to transform your countertops with three simple steps.

The acrylic-based, low-VOC formula is not only easy to use but is also durable and features a high-gloss, food-safe topcoat that will last for years to come. The best part? It’s a low odor, making it ideal for indoor use without any unpleasant chemical smells.

This 9-piece set, with a paint volume of 500 milliliters, can cover up to 35 square feet of space or 16 running feet of 24-inch wide countertops, making it perfect for large or small areas.

The best part is that it is a customizable sponge-on and roll-on application that allows you to create a look that perfectly matches your space, whether it be Formica, laminate, Corian, ceramic tile, butcher block, or traditional granite.

This cool-toned kit, with subtle blue undertones, will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your kitchen. And with Giani Granite products proudly manufactured and packaged in the USA, you can rest easy knowing you’re supporting a small business while getting the best quality product.


  • Long-lasting for years before peeling
  • Easy to use simple application process
  • Cost-effective a cheaper alternative to use on countertops
  • Available in a range of colors and designs for different styles.
  • Can cover a large area
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Good value for the price


  • Certain areas yellowing from overlap in the poly
  • Kit does not include paint roller trays
  • No extra paint to practice

2. Rust-Oleum Laminate Countertop Transformations Paint Kit

Transform your old and worn-out countertops into beautiful and durable surfaces with the Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations Kit. We highly recommend this simple and affordable DIY coating system that can save you from the hassle and high cost of countertop replacement.

With Rust-Oleum, you can achieve stunningly natural results with its five color options. The coating system gives your countertops the permanent, natural look of stone, and you’ll love the long-lasting, premium-quality finish.

Plus, it covers up to 50 square feet, making it perfect for use on a variety of countertops in your home, including your kitchen and bathroom.

This complete coating system includes everything you need to get started, including an adhesive base coat, wetting agent, decorative color chips, 2-part protective top coat, diamond sanding tool, sanding block, decorative chip dispenser, decorative chip scraper, stir sticks, sanding guide, instructional DVD, and pamphlet in English and Spanish.

No special skills are needed to complete the process, and you can finish it in less than one weekend. Just roll, spread, and protect, and you’re done. 

In addition, the multi-layer system provides an ultra-durable surface reinforced with Home Shield-certified antimicrobial protection.

The industrial-strength siliconized epoxy top coat formulation is tough enough to handle harsh household chemicals, so you can be confident that your new countertops will last for years to come. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on this product and experience the transformation yourself.


  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful result
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Works on bathroom and kitchen countertops
  • The kit includes plenty of decorative chips
  • Can avoid the high cost of granite countertops
  • Resurfaces countertops perfectly
  • No need to be an expert can be done by anyone


  • Wetting spray caused the base coat to run and created gaps between color chips
  • Not great for right-angled sections like edges, the product does not stick well
  • Patching kits are not available, need to buy the entire kit for small touch-ups

3. Zinsser 02004 Bulls Eye All Surface Laminate Countertops Paint

Zinsser 02004 Bulls Eye 1-2-3 All Surface Primer is a highly versatile, water-based primer suitable for a variety of interior and exterior surfaces, including drywall, concrete, wood, masonry, and metal.

Its special formula adheres uniformly to surfaces without requiring sanding, and it dries to the touch in just 35 minutes, ready for a topcoat in an hour.

With coverage of up to 112 sq. ft. per quart, this primer is a great way to save time and money on projects. The primer also features stain-resistant properties that effectively block tough stains and allow for smooth adhesion of any oil or latex topcoat.

Its one-coat hide performance enhances the hide and coverage of topcoats, providing excellent results for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The primer creates a matte finish that seals tannin bleed, prevents rust on new metal surfaces, and resists mold and mildew growth. It is flat/matte bright white finish enhances the overall appearance of any paint topcoat.


  • No strong odor
  • Great price compared to other brands
  • Seals and primes surface effectively
  • Water-based and dries fast
  • Sands down smoothly for a flawless final coat
  • Holds up well on laminate countertops


  • Can arrive damaged, dented, or leaking
  • Spray primer may not provide enough coverage for larger projects and may create a dusty mess
  • Primer may be too thin or drippy, requiring multiple coats

4. Minwax 356100000 One Coat Polyurethane Gloss Paint

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your wood projects, look no further than Minwax One Coat Polyurethane Protective Finish.

This glossy and crystal-clear top coat dries in just two hours, allowing you to complete your wood projects in record time.

The advanced formula of this protective top coat provides the same durability as three coats of conventional polyurethane, so you can rest easy knowing that your wood surfaces are well-protected.

Cleaning up after applying Minwax One Coat Polyurethane Protective Finish is a breeze, thanks to its easy-to-clean properties that only require soap and water.

Applying it is also a breeze with a high-quality synthetic bristle brush. And with a range of sheens available, you can choose the perfect finish for your project.

Not only does Minwax offer speed and ease of use, but it is also a reliable brand with a long history of providing quality wood finishing and care products to consumers.

You can trust Minwax to help you achieve a sleek and glossy finish on your wood projects. So why sacrifice quality for speed when you can have both with Minwax One Coat Polyurethane Protective Finish? Give it a try and see the difference it makes for yourself.


  • Provides a crystal-clear gloss finish
  • Dries in just two hours, saving time
  • Water-based formula makes clean up easy
  • Durable and long-lasting finish
  • Resistant to yellowing
  • Affordable price


  • Not self-leveling, making it challenging to eliminate streaks and puddles
  • May require multiple coats for proper coverage

5. Nuvo Driftwood All-In-One Cabinet Makeover Paint Kit

Transform your outdated kitchen cabinets into a fresh, modern look with the Nuvo Driftwood All-In-One Cabinet Makeover Kit.

This easy-to-use kit includes everything you need to achieve professional-looking results with just a roller and a brush. With no need to remove cabinet doors, strip, or prime, you can have your kitchen looking new in just one day.

The low VOC, water-based acrylic paint, and primer in one provide a durable finish that requires no additional topcoat or sealer.

The Nuvo Cabinet Paint covers most existing wood finishes and paints in a single coat, making it ideal for use on wood, laminate, and primed or painted metal cabinets.

Each kit covers up to 100 square feet of cabinets, and the versatile colors are perfect for a variety of kitchen and bathroom cabinet styles.

The Nuvo Driftwood All-In-One Cabinet Makeover Kit is made in the USA and comes with step-by-step illustrated instructions, 2 stir sticks, 2 roller covers, 1 roller arm, 1 brush, and two 31 oz—cans of Nuvo Cabinet Paint.


  • No primer was needed, two coats were enough
  • Nearly odorless
  • Great value compared to alternatives
  • Can be used on cabinets and furniture
  • Available in a range of colors, including Driftwood
  • Can be used even by non-professionals
  • Provides a smooth, velvety finish
  • Requires minimal touch-up
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Missing roller covers in some kits
  • The brush and roller in the kit are low-quality
  • The Kit does not include a paint tray or sandpaper
  • Paint comes off easily with scratches, and needs a protective topcoat

6. INSL-X SXA11009A Stix Acrylic Laminate Countertop Paint

If you need a primer that can tackle even the most challenging surfaces, look no further than INSL-X Stix Acrylic Waterborne Bonding Primer.

This top-of-the-line primer sealer boasts unparalleled adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, including PVC, vinyl, plastic, glass, tile, and galvanized metals. It’s also perfect for drywall, plaster, wood trim, and non-ferrous metals, making it an ideal choice for any interior or exterior project.

One of the standout features of this primer is its ability to cure in temperatures as low as 35 °F, making it an excellent choice for cooler climates or seasons.

Additionally, it provides a hard film when cured, creating a sturdy base for any topcoat finish. With coverage of 75-100 square feet per quart, a little goes a long way, and clean-up is a breeze with just soap and water.

Not only does this bonding primer make painting challenging surfaces a breeze, but it also has low VOCs, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality primer that delivers unparalleled adhesion, easy application, and versatility for a wide range of surfaces, give the INSL-X SXA11009A-04 Primer a try.


  • Provides a great foundation for a beautiful finish
  • Covers vinyl cabs well
  • Holds up well to heat and steam
  • Provides a matte white finish
  • Easy to use
  • No bad odor
  • Durable and chip-resistant
  • One quart goes a long way


  • Thin consistency makes for poor coverage
  • The surface may bubble or have texture issues
  • Not recommended for wet, submerged areas

7. Varathane 200241H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane Paint

Varathane Ultimate Water-Based Polyurethane is designed to provide outstanding scratch and stain resistance while enhancing the natural beauty of your wood. The satin finish creates a classic, natural look that’s perfect for furniture, cabinets, trim, and other indoor wood projects.

One of the best things about Varathane Ultimate Water-Based Polyurethane is how quickly it dries. In just 30 minutes, you’ll be able to touch your finished project without worrying about smudges or other damage. And thanks to its water-based formula, cleaning up after your project is easy and hassle-free.

Not only does this product provide excellent protection, but it also covers up to 125 sq. ft. of surface area. That means you can get more done with just one quart of Varathane Ultimate Water-Based Polyurethane. Plus, it’s made by a trusted brand in the market, ensuring that you’re getting a high-quality product that you can rely on.

Overall, if you’re looking for a clear protective layer for your indoor wood projects that provides excellent durability, clarity, and coverage.


  • Dries pretty quickly, making it easier to apply subsequent coats
  • Has a low odor and no bubbles during application
  • Provides a waterproof and durable finish
  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Sands easily between coats
  • Provides total protection on high-usage furniture, preserving its life


  • Does not go on smoothly, shows brush strokes and unevenness
  • Air bubbles can form and cause yellow streaks on white surfaces
  • Return or exchange fees may be high

8. Giani Granite Iron Core Primer Paint for Laminate Countertop

This black-colored primer is the standard base coat included in all Giani Countertop Paint Kits and is designed to adhere to a wide range of surfaces including laminate, Formica, Corian, cultured marble, wood, and ceramic tile.

The 12 oz. can of water-based acrylic paint provides excellent coverage of up to 35 square feet or 16 running feet of standard 24″ wide countertops. The primer is low on odor and VOCs, ensuring a safe and pleasant application experience.

With a full dry time of 8 hours, the primer creates a strong bond and acts as a perfect base coat for Giani’s Granite Paint Kits. Upgrade your surfaces with this high-quality, durable, and easy-to-apply primer from Giani Granite.


  • Provides a smooth and glossy finish
  • Easy to use and apply with a small roller or brush
  • Minimal smell and fast drying
  • Can be used on metal and laminate countertops
  • Adheres well to surfaces with minimal surface preparation
  • An affordable option for updating countertops
  • Good coverage and one kit is enough for most countertops


  • Inconsistency can fill levels and not enough products are received
  • Mixed reviews about the quality of the finish
  • Some customers received cans that were only partially full

9. Old Fashioned Milk Non-VOC Powder Paint

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Non-VOC Powder Paint in Barn Red provides a stunning velvet finish for the furniture. Made with earth pigments, this environmentally safe and non-toxic paint is ideal for those who are allergic to modern paints.

It’s also safe for children’s furniture and toys. The paint produces an antique, uneven matte surface when first applied, with a semi-gloss look possible by burnishing the surface.

The paint is packaged in a dry powder form allowing you to control the thickness of the paint for use as either a wash/stain, full cover coat, or for stenciling.

Packaged in a 6-ounce unit, this paint will not fade like modern paints and is perfect for achieving the old or country look of Colonial or Shaker furniture and interiors. Simply add water to make liquid and begin creating your perfect piece of furniture.


  • Versatile for use on walls, furniture, and more
  • Comes in many early American colors
  • Easy to distress for a rustic or antique look
  • Can control the amount of coverage by adding water
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets
  • Can be sealed for added protection


  • The powder form can be difficult to work with
  • Exact measurements are required to avoid running out of mid-project
  • Expensive for the amount of product provided
  • Spoils easily and can be difficult to mix

10. Giani Carrara White Marble Epoxy Countertop Paint Kit

The Giani Carrara White is a three-step application that is safe, low-odor, and includes all necessary tools to cover 35 square feet of surface area. The specialized primer easily hides any existing discoloration, burns, stains, or scratches, while the mineral colors create a beautiful, marbled quartz look.

With its newly updated ultra-durable, high-gloss Epoxy Resin Topcoat, this countertop paint kit is designed to withstand everyday use.

The top coat is water and stain-resistant, making it just as tough as engineered quartz. This second-generation kit will help you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

The Giani Carrara White Marble Epoxy Countertop Kit is inspired by the beautiful Carrara highlands in Tuscany, Italy. The large expanses of white limestone cut by thin, sinewy veins and plumes of grey quartz are the distinct characteristics that make this surface so treasured. The simplicity of color and pattern make it a luminous addition to any kitchen or bath.

This kit includes everything you need to upgrade your countertops, including primer, mineral colors, epoxy activator, resin, tools, and instructions.

With just one weekend and the Giani Carrara White Marble Epoxy Countertop Kit, you can create a beautiful, high-end marble finish in your kitchen.


  • Easy to use, with all necessary materials included
  • Kit comes with detailed instructions and tutorial videos
  • Provides a durable and long-lasting finish
  • Suitable for DIY projects
  • Can add value to a home
  • Provides a fun and memorable project for couples or families to do together
  • Can be used on various surfaces, such as floors or backsplashes


  • Hard to get good coverage with the epoxy topcoat
  • The primer is not of good quality
  • Pricey for what it is

Best Paint for Laminate Countertops – Buying Guide

Choosing the right paint for your laminate countertops can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the different types of paints available on the market.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the best paint for your laminate countertops:


Laminate countertops are often exposed to a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important to choose a paint that can withstand daily use. Look for paints that are specifically designed for high-traffic areas and have a reputation for durability.

Ease of Application

If you’re new to painting or don’t have a lot of experience, you’ll want to choose a paint that is easy to apply. Consider a paint that dries quickly, doesn’t require a lot of prep work, and can be easily applied with a brush or roller.

Color Options

The color of your countertops can dramatically affect the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. Choose a paint that offers a wide range of color options so you can find the perfect shade to match your décor.


Paints come in a wide range of prices, so consider your budget when choosing paint for your laminate countertops.

Keep in mind that some paints may be more expensive, but they may also provide better durability and longer-lasting results, which can save you money in the long run.

However, there are also affordable options that can still provide a quality finish for your countertops.

Amount of Traffic the Countertop will Receive

Consider how often your countertops will be used and by whom. If you have young children or pets, you may want to choose a paint that is more durable and resistant to scratches and stains.

Ability to Withstand Heat and Moisture

Laminate countertops are often exposed to heat and moisture, so it’s important to choose a paint that can withstand these conditions. Look for paints that are water-resistant and can withstand high temperatures without cracking or fading.

Type of Paint

Selecting the right type of paint is crucial to achieving both durability and an appealing appearance for your painted laminate countertops.

There are various paint options available, each with its unique characteristics:

  • Acrylic Paint: Acrylic paint is a popular choice for painting laminate countertops due to its versatility and quick drying time. It provides a smooth and even finish, and it is available in a wide range of colors. However, it may require multiple coats and may not be as durable as some other options.
  • Chalkboard Paint: Chalkboard paint can add a unique and trendy look to your countertops. It creates a matte, chalkboard-like finish that allows you to write on the surface with chalk. While it offers an interesting aesthetic, it may not be the most durable option for high-traffic kitchen areas.
  • Epoxy Paint: Epoxy paint is known for its exceptional durability and resistance to stains, scratches, and heat. It forms a thick, protective coating that can last for years. However, applying epoxy paint can be more complex and time-consuming than other types of paint.
  • Latex Paint: Latex paint is another popular choice for laminate countertops. It provides good coverage and comes in a variety of finishes. However, like acrylic paint, it may not be as durable as epoxy paint.
  • Oil-Based Paint: Oil-based paint offers a smooth and durable finish. It is particularly suitable for high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms. However, it can have a strong odor and requires proper ventilation during application.

By considering these factors, you can find the perfect paint for your laminate countertops that will stand the test of time and enhance the look and feel of your kitchen countertop.

Final Verdict

After thorough research and analysis, we’ve provided you with the top 10 best paint options for your laminate countertops. However, if you’re still unsure which one to choose, we recommend the Giani Granite Countertop Paint Kit Acrylic in White Diamond.

This paint kit has numerous benefits that make it a top pick for buyers. It is long-lasting, ensuring your countertops will stay beautiful for years before peeling.

The application process is easy, making it a hassle-free experience for those new to painting. Additionally, it is cost-effective and offers a cheaper alternative to replacing countertops altogether.


In conclusion, painting your laminate countertops is an easy and affordable way to update your kitchen. With the right paint and tools, you can achieve a beautiful and long-lasting finish that will leave your countertops looking brand new.

We’ve provided you with the top 10 best paint options for your laminate countertops, each with its unique benefits and features. From Rust-Oleum Countertop Coating to Giani Granite Countertop Paint Kit, there’s a paint option for every homeowner’s style and budget.

With this guide in hand, we encourage you to tackle the project of painting your laminate countertops with confidence. Happy painting.


Does Painting Laminate Countertops Work?

Painting laminate countertops can effectively update the look of your kitchen or bathroom without the expense of replacing them, as long as the proper materials and techniques are used.

What Paint to Use on Laminate?

Acrylic paints, epoxy paints, and specialty countertop paints are all good options for painting laminate surfaces. It’s important to choose a paint that is specifically designed for use on laminate to ensure proper adhesion and durability.

How to Paint Countertops Without a Kit?

To paint countertops without a kit, clean and lightly sand the surface, apply a primer specifically designed for laminate, and follow up with a coat of durable, high-quality paint.

What is the Best Paint for Laminate Countertops?

Several high-quality paints work well for laminate countertops, including Giani Granite Countertop Paint Kit, Rust-Oleum Countertop Coating, and Zinsser. The best paint will depend on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your project.

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