Best Pillow Top Mattress For Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side is usually considered to be the most normal sleep position.

Side sleeping advantages include decreased back pain, better breath, and faster metabolism. This makes sleeping on your side helpful for better health and well-being.

Unfortunately, many mattresses are not specifically constructed to meet the unique needs of the side sleeper.

They are either too firm (designed to induce pressure on the shoulders and hips) or too gentle (resulting in an overall lack of support).

So what the heck are these Goldilock snoozers meant to do?

The perfect side sleeper mattress can provide relief from pain for joints and help for contouring to facilitate proper alignment of the backbone.

In general, a memory foam mattress or hybrid mattress with a flexible top layer can help to distribute the body weight evenly to help reduce discomfort as well as provide a comfortable sleeping surface.

With several different styles of mattress and features on the marketplace, it can be difficult to determine which mattress is perfect for you.

We review our best options for the best side sleepers mattresses and what sets them apart from most other mattresses. We also include more about the advantages and risks of lying on your side, and how this role affects sleep.

What makes it a pillow top?

The pillow top mattress also has a thick layer of foam on the top that makes it feel extra attractive. It is also advertised as similar to the mattresses used in fancy hotels.

The mattress below the pillow top is typically an innerspring or combination of layers that can provide firmness or protection. The non-removable pillow brings a cushioned layer that adjusts the shape of your body.

The padding can be made from a mixture of polymers, which includes Nylon, a layer of polyurethane, soft gel (memory), Cotton, Down the lane, Polyester.

How did we choose?

There is a perplexing number of pillow-top mattresses on the marketplace, and many have similar characteristics.

We choose the 6 best mattresses here, considering some important points in considerations:

  1. Reviews of users
  2. The number of budget choices available
  3. Sleep specialist tips
  4. Suggestions from the manufacture
  5. The simplicity of ordering and return
  6. Standard of materials
  7. Basic features, such as pressure point protection
  8. terms of the manufacturer’s warranties

Mattress type and materials

The best sides sleeping mattresses must have at least one coating of memory foam also because texture protects the spine’s natural curvature, reducing the possibility of

Awaking with aches and pains. This type of mattress is also outstanding for distributed body weight evenly in the sleeping position of aside.

Pressure relief

If you’re a side sleeper, you’re going to want to pick a supporting mattress that cradles the natural shape of your body without causing you to fall too far in. For full comfort, solutions with sufficient support will contour your body’s form while still pushing back enough to hold your backbone in correct alignment.

It’s also necessary to provide enough pushback to prevent the pressure points, such as your hips, buttocks, and shoulders, from going further into the bed than that of the rest of your body. Without a proper amount of support in a mattress, side sleepers can find themself awaking.

Mattress firmness for side sleepers

It is important to look at the level of firmness when buying a brand new mattress. A mattress that would be too flexible isn’t going to give you the required structure, but one that would be too firm could trigger joint pain and cramping. Many side sleepers find that mattresses built of medium-soft to moderate firmness offer quite enough support to feel relaxed without being too stiff.

Of course, how smooth or strong a mat is, depends on your weight, your body size and your interests. It’s highly subjective. But we will say that our suggested side-sleeper mattresses varied from medium to medium-soft. If you like a firmer mattress yet find that it affects your shoulders—or if you do like a softer mattress but find that it doesn’t align your spine—you should check out models designed with a shimmering top layer that transfers effortlessly to supporting middle and bottom layers.

You may also want a medium-firm to firm mattress with a foam topper, or you may sleep further on your pillow to support your shoulder as long as your spine stays aligned. Also, be mindful that mattresses will smooth over time.

Look for a mattress with a money-back guarantee

New mattresses can be costly. Plus, there is no guarantee that the one you want will relieve your severe pain or be the right hardness for you. While you might be able to test it out in the store for a couple of minutes, how would you know if the choice you make is going to work for you in the long run?

When you decide to purchase a new mattress, look for a company providing a cash back guarantee. You can try your bed over 30 days or more, understanding how you can return the mattress unless you’re not happy. But be sure to read the document the money-back guarantee can only be applied to some mattress brands in the market.

1) The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

The Nectar is a high-value choice since its price-point is slightly below average.

This compact bed-in-a-box has excellent features for side sleepers at such a decent price range.

However, the mattress offers the same supportive shape conforming, pain and stress relief, and enhanced spinal alignment as many of its more costly rival versions. With a ‘Medium Firm’ feel, the mattress is suitable for sleepers in any posture weighing between 130 and 230 pounds, as well as for light or heavy sleepers who want a cushioning and supporting balance.

The moderate level of firmness of the Nectar offers the protection that side sleepers need. Two base layers of high-density padding hold the mattress balanced and stable, while two layers of gel memory foam cushion stress points and contour from around spine last night.

The mattress is backed up by a 365-night sleep trial and a  money-back guarantee, all of which are much longer than normal.

This mattress is recommended for side sleepers in all weight classes (light, average, heavy). Quality products and design support a variety of sleepers. Those who prefer to sleep in hot mattress beds. This is a high-quality mattress for a reasonable price.


  • Higher pressure relief
  • Fits for all sleeping positions
  • Sleep trial duration of 365 days


  • Many that don’t like the “hugging” sensation of memory foam are unlikely to be relaxed.
  • A capacity to retain body heat during the night

2) Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic mattress is the best pick for side sleepers who love variations. It’s customizable—you can select between three different hardness levels, heights and sizes—and it’s made of high-quality, environmentally friendly material.

Although this mattress is provided at three levels of firmness, sleepers can select moderate firmness to provide sufficient support and fairly divide body weight while still being flexible enough to curve and cradle pressure points.

The Saatva Classic is a fantastic alternative if you want a more conventional spring mattress or a hotel luxury mattress instead. This mattress has two layers of protection and bouncing coils, a Euro pillow cover, and a range of firmness options. Saatva provides free distribution of white gloves – including in-home mattress installation and old mattress replacement – to all buyers throughout the adjacent U.S.

Saatva is accompanied by a 120-night sleeping test and a 15-year guarantee, all of which are bigger than usual.


  • Near flawless spinal alignment score
  • Provides great support for lumbar and rim
  • Free shipping of white gloves and installation set up


  • Not good for side sleepers that change places all night long.
  • Much More costly than other mattresses

3) Helix Midnight Luxe

The Helix Midnight is a combination bed of memory foam layers and individually packaged coils.

It was one of the top choices for hot sleepers, it provides targeted relief from pain, and owing to its unique motion insulation capabilities, it’s a good choice for couples.

The Helix Midnight Luxe keeps the side sleepers cosy and cold all night. Side sleepers suffering from back or back problems will benefit from a compact coil zoned shoulder straps system that offers additional stability and padding to parts of the body that need it. Absorbent foams further mitigate movement from across surface of the bed, making it nice not to disturb your sleep mate.

The Helix Midnight is protected by a ten-year warranty. Both versions also come with such a 100-night sleeping trial and Helix provides free delivery in the U.S.


  • Provides better pressure point relieve
  • Perfect for a hot sleeper.
  • Lumbar protection reduces lower back problems


  • Not a wise option for those that want to experience a solid mattress.
  • More costly

4) Layla Hybrid Mattress

When it comes to selecting the perfect hardness of the mattress for you, the Layla offers a two-in-one pact that is difficult to decline.

The Layla is a special memory foam mattress filled with copper that helps keep you warm. Featuring a softer and a hard hand, it can be flipped to fit your choice.

These layer of foam enable you to relax in and feel supported, plus the copper in the upper layer has cool and antiseptic properties. One of the interesting aspects of the Layla is that it’s flappable

The Layla Hybrid’s flexible nature makes a bed more portable, as the medium side is suitable for side sleepers under 200 pounds as well as the gentle side is preferred for those above. The soft side is particularly close to the body, relaxing spinal alignment and reducing discomfort and pain.


  • Dual-sided, enabling you to tailor your desired level of hardness
  • Big relief of pressure
  • Extremely responsive


  • Heavier sleepers might want to check for more comfortable mattresses.
  • Off-gassing may happen throughout the installation.

5) Puffy Lux

Puffy Lux has scored an all-time top score on the Mattress Advisor pressure-relieving test.

It provides comprehensive support for good alignment of the spine while also clasping muscle tension for comfort.

You don’t have to sacrifice sleeping cool to take advantage of the Puffy Lux pressure relief qualities. The cooling regulation feature prevents foam layers for expanding or contracting as the mattress becomes hotter or colder.

The supporting characteristics of the Puffy Lux are ideal for all sleeping positions. The mattress is a better option whether a side sleeper has a mattress with a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper.


  • Top mattress for relaxation of pressure
  • The outstanding score for movement isolation
  • Stain-resistant cover


  • Not suitable for people who are looking for a stiffer mattress.
  • Although foam layers allow airflow, memory foam mattresses still prefer to sleep hotter than hybrid or internal spring beds.

6) Nolah Original

The Nolah Original 10 mattress is a perfect option for side sleepers sharing a mattress. This mattress is made of sturdy foam, a fabric that gives the mattress a feeling of bouncy, temperature-neutral latex mattress and at the same time offering a high degree of pressure relief characteristic of memory foam.

This mattress performs extremely well on the Mattress Advisor in the fields of spinal alignment and sensitivity, and its breathable top layer gives your body support and comfort during the night.

However, due to its movement isolation, the Nolah is particularly great for partners. Its foam layers will avoid moving around the entire bed so that you remain uninterrupted even though your partner is moving about.


  • Motion insulation perfect for couples
  • Outstanding performance for spinal alignment
  • Sensitive to sleep position changes
  • Sleeps very cool all night 


  • Not a great pick for those who like to feel a conventional memory foam
  • After unwrapping, the Nolah can have a faint smell.

Our Verdict

If you’re a side-sleeper who often spends a considerable amount of money on your stomach or back, or if you just want a firmer surface, these mattresses may be worth considering. They are on the firmer end of the medium-firm but still provide a cushioned maximum comfort for side-sleepers


Where should your arms be when sleeping on your side?

Ensure your hands are on your side. Trying to sleep over the arms, perhaps around your pillow, may pinch your lower back. Instead, sleep on your side with the arms down. You should even try to sleep with a pillow between your thighs.

Why should I buy a mattress online?

Much better, researchers found that online mattresses company deliver better dimensions, fabrics, longevity at much more cheap rates and long-term stability than their in-store counterparts.

How soon will I have to replace my mattress?

Under normal circumstances, mattresses must be changed each 4 – 6 years. Of course, this is a general guide and work for every one of you, not a one-size-fits-all solution. Several factors influence when you need to change your mattress.

What is the best type of mattress for side sleepers?

Generally, sleepers will find nectar, latex, and hybrid mattresses to become the most helpful. Even though some sleepers prefer the conventional feeling of an internal spring mattress